Silverlight service reference not updating

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Silverlight service reference not updating

When I select to update the service reference, the following happens: The dialog doesn't show the text "Generating \something\" (can't remember the exact wording) which I would expedct.If I delete the service reference and add it again, the proxy is properly generated.wsdl gives you the WSDL for this service App-Web-Dish View Domain Service.svc?wsdl The rest is easy for anyone halfway familiar with WCF…I modified the service reference files and replaced his machine name with localhost and it was able to update the reference.I know this solution is a bit late, but after trying the posted solutions with no success, this worked: When you create a Web Service, it generates a file that you reference as your service reference.

Keep in mind that assignment in C# (and VB) is by default by reference. I hope that helps to make it clear how a Domain Service IS A WCF Service… The problem with deleting the service and adding it again is that Visual Studio adds a new binding in app.config (among other things) which should not be there. After saving the file, I have no trouble updating the reference until another developer updates the service reference (likely using the same workaround).Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out a permanent solution to this issue.I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and have a WCF client working against a WCF service.They are both located in the same Visual Studio solution.

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That is, everything you know about a WCF service should be true of a Domain Service.