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Post the split, there were rumours that Robert and Katy Perry have started dating but their representatives debunked the absurd claims.

Earlier this week, Robert's name was linked with Sienna Miller.

A report allegedly suggested that Rob and Sienna have had a "flirty friendship" for quite some time.

The duo has now decided to take their platonic relationship to the next level. Magazine that since Sienna and Robert are single, they are open to giving their friendship a chance.

A little-known artist might seem like a departure for Slate, who last dated the Marvel superhero Captain America (aka Chris Evans), but such a relationship may actually be the logical next step for her.

Last year, in the weeks after her breakup with Evans, Slate reflected on how she'd "never, ever thought to keep anything private because that’s not really what [she's] like"—something she came to reconsider after experiencing life in the tabloids.

Kristen and Rob started dating on the sets of Twilight saga.Maroney is well-connected and wealthy—or at least used to the trappings of wealth—but discreet, thereby less likely to attract headlines and paparazzi than his A-list bro competition.(See also: Caspar Jopling, an art-world scion at Sotheby's who's engaged to Ellie Goulding; Vito Schnabel, curator, art dealer, and, as of last summer, boyfriend of Amber Heard; and Louis Eisner, an artist who's spent the past few months canoodling with Ashley Olsen.)Somewhat surprisingly, all of those relationships have made it into the new year, which has already seen the Art Bro grow its ranks.Getting back to Sienna Miller, the tabloids have now familiarized themselves with the identity of one Lucas Zwirner, the 28-year-old son of the gallerist David Zwirner and editorial director of David Zwirner Books, an art-book imprint that just partnered with the publishing giant Simon & Schuster.(They were first linked in December, at Miller's ex Tom Sturridge's birthday party.) While 10 years apart in age, they seem to share quite a bit in common, like a lack of enthusiasm for Instagram and a passion for dog walking.

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Even President Donald Trump once tweeted about Pattinson and Stewart's affair.

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