Shepard smith dating

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Shepard smith dating

Shepard once actively supported Anti-Gay “hater” in live coverage of the release of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis from prison.

But this thing made different questions like “Does this suggest he is fighting for his right? ”In October 2016, Shephard revealed in an interview that he was gay.

The relationship was kept from the higher-ups at Fox since Smith’s bosses were not exactly known for their gay-friendly attitudes.He once said that before he came to know about his sexual preference towards the same sex, he was so busy with his work that he did not have time to think about his sexuality.In May 2017, he opened up about his sexuality during a speech at the University of Mississippi.Altogether, his work at the cable news channel is rumored to earn him an impressive million per year income, and his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around the million mark.Humble Beginnings and Fast Rise Shepard’s career began at a local stations around Florida in markets such as Gainesville and Miami.

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One that is especially known for his liberal use of profanity laced rants.

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