Shenae grimes and jamie johnston dating Asian naut cam chat

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Shenae grimes and jamie johnston dating

During the end of the season, Emma and Peter become open about their relationship.

By dating Emma, Peter discovers that she is suffering from anorexia nervosa.

He shows up to help the Friendship Club and brings her flowers.

She is impressed by his work and accepts a ride from him.

However, he went back to his old ways by showing Darcy's photos to Spinner, leading to Darcy and Spinner's third and final breakup.

Later in the year, Peter apologizes to Darcy for the online situation and the two soon become friends.

Emma doesn't realize that Peter broke into Sean's locker until Manny points it out to her.

Emma proceeds to shove Peter into her locker and forces him to tell her the truth, which makes Emma so furious that she tells him, "When you see me in class, don't look at me.

Full Name: Perter Michael Stone Nicknames: Pointdexter, Slim Shady (By Jay), Sir (By Declan) Gender: Male Date of Birth: September 1989 Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Family: Daphne Hatzilakos (Mother), Troy Stone (Father), Missy Stone (Stepmother), Angel Stone (Half-Sister), Mia Jones (Wife), Isabella Jones (Stepdaughter), Cody Stone (Son) Relationships: Mia Jones (Wife), Victoria (Ex-Girlfriend), Darcy Edwards (Ex-Girlfriend), Emma Nelson (Ex-Girlfriend) Job: Waiter at The Dot (Former) Schools: Toronto University, Degrassi Community School, Unnamed Private School Affiliations: Spirit Squad, Janie and the Studs, Degrassi Drama Department First Episode: Venus (1) (501) Last Episode: You Don't Know My Name (2) (1014) Reason: Attending Toronto University Episode Count: 70 Portrayed By: Jamie Johnson Peter Michael Stone is a Canadian university student at Toronto University and a graduate of Degrassi Community School.

He is the son of Daphne Hatzilakos, former principal of Degrassi Community School, and Troy Stone.

During his early years at Degrassi, he would often come off as manipulative and vengeful and has been categorized as a "demon" around school, but he has since matured into a responsible, determined character. [1]Peter in season 5 Peter was first introduced in season 5, when he entered Degrassi as new student.

She plans revenge for what he did to Manny, so she tries to seduce him, stripping him and taking photos with her camera phone.

Eventually, her plan backfires because his bedroom is a storage room, a situation she sympathizes with since she sleeps in the basement of her house.

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He is best friends with Riley Stavros and is also friends with Spinner Mason, Sav Bhandari, Danny Van Zandt and Jane Vaughn. He is first spotted by Emma at the pool, who develops a crush on him.