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Grandma wore a slight smile and her eyes had a kind of far away gaze. I felt Grandma's teeth on my lips as she opened her mouth wide to eat my tongue.I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth as I wrapped my arms around her back and practically lifted her off her feet with desire.Grandma leaned her head on my shoulder and her tits rose and fell against my chest with her quick, deep breaths. I took a full, firm ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight, kneading and squeezing her ass as we swayed to the music.Grandma moaned and began to slowly rotate her pussy against my cock.

I kissed her again, pushing her roughly against the car. Grandma murmured with delight and leaned over to push her tongue into my ear. Then, with a shout, I shot my load in a huge, never ending blast, as if my whole dick had exploded deep inside Grandma's hot, hungry cunt.Grandma was so wrapped up in stroking my dick that she didn't want to let go. By the time I'd gotten out of the car, she was already at the front door, unlocking it. Instead, I made a bee line to Grandma who waited, arms raised above her head, just inside the front hallway. Immediately, she glued her lips to mine and our tongues wriggled together. I slammed the door and, with my dick solid as a tree limb, hobbled toward Grandma's front door. I wrapped my arms around her and our lips met in another electric kiss. We stood there tonguing each other, our bodies pressed tightly together, until Grandma broke the kiss. We made the front door and a blast of cool air hit me. I squeezed her in a hug and we kissed again, as passionately and lustily as before. I unlocked her door and she fairly plopped into the passenger's seat. I could practically hear the tires squeal as I sped out of the club parking lot.Again, Grandma broke the kiss and dragged me through the parking lot to her car. Streetlights flashed overhead as I maneuvered the car down the streets to Grandma's place. .ohhhhhhhh." As she came, Grandma pulled my hair and began gently smacking my head against her tits.

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