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But for much of the 1920s and 30s particularly, and for many years thereafter, the instrument suffered because of this.The arrival of these new styles was accompanied by an outraged response from the moral majority (as is so often the case in the development of Western popular music -- consider also rock and roll, punk, hip-hop, etc.), who saw in them evidence of every kind of youthful dissolution.He accepts recorded tracks from students and sends back his feedback!It is much cheaper than lessons with an offline teacher, and is accesible whenever you like.The saxophone was developed to address specific problems that Adolphe Sax had identified among low wind instruments, and his solution to these was made possible in part because of nineteenth-century advances in engineering [...] From its inception, therefore, the instrument has been identified with modernity, innovation, and a sense of exploration and enquiry, and this reputation has in many ways remained with it since.

The saxophone suffered particularly in this respect.

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, and it was substantially sexualized because of its use in early jazz, and thus it got tangled up in American and European racism.

Cottrell's book is not wholly readable for free online, but just what's available through Google is pretty informative. BTW, you are not wrong to wonder about the role of its timbre...

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Whereas the trumpet, trombone, double bass or piano were all established, 'legitimate' instruments with a strong classical background, and could thus perhaps be viewed as only temporarily errant when found in more degenerate contexts, the saxophone had no such heritage to call upon.

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