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In Tfic Year of tfic Dra^tn, the Chinest^ urkderworid kills one of these nice guys, underlining the evtlness which the rather urranith while protagonist struggles against.'* There are few' assimilated Asian females.

Bui usually., even these possess that fatal brand of beauty which unfailingly draw's w'hite men into the evil net W'orks of their bret-d.

While the assimilattxi Amn is acceptably non-ihreaten- ing, the best Asiu M still reniain.s the subservient Asm pi.

S/he retains all the commendable Asian qualities of w isdom and loyalty.

Not all Asians in f folly w'ikk I are sinister or exotic.

The assimilated Asian American, most ofien rt'presenled as mak, Ls a case in point.

This is a ivi^rld where unrel.i Ecs J |Xs»ple call each ether “cousin/' A world where himilv lovahy cret'ps into the comm unity and its ivav overseas to knot wilh ancient taw s and epidemic ctsrmption.

The idetdogy of the Family and of the Nation are, in effect, one and the same: sep- arating social /economic cohesion fre^m Slate piili- lics, transforming nation into cultural identity^ and Sfvial union into a private affair ot the heart. S presidential campaign relieii on simi- lar if not more blatant strategies- Here, the dys- functional family — an invc Katitm that demon- strates the very instrumental nature of the (ami- Iv — was the omi I cjf all evil ( including MNrpipy Brmrti and 'Hit' Sw FJ|i Si TPJs). The Asian gang membt T is Ciinftated w'lth motifs of the new' immigrant and youth, (kith references suggest the Asian gang member remains irresponsible, an updevelopi Yl adult /citizen lacking reawpn and judgment.

This makes them prime candidates ftf exploilatkin by cor^ rupt ''community leaders/' It also implies ihaf they have only the mt Tst primitive sense oi American ethics: s/he will kill without hesitation and when backs are turni'd, trans- gressing at least two of America's key ctdes of honour.

Bereft of ethics, the gang member is dehumaniztxi, reduced to a vehicle hir violence.

There is also the Chinese tong leader or fapanese daimy Ox the diabolic a!

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He wears glasses and is well mean- ing, a sensitive but basically wimpy guy.