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Any changes in the minutes shall be made only by members of the CAB.Reading of Minutes Unless the reading of the minutes of a CAB meeting is ordered by a majority vote of the CAB, such minutes may be approved without reading if the KUYI staff previously furnished each CAB member with a copy.

Listeners interested in participating in their children’s’ Hopi Lavayi [language] education can also read along while listening to State and Federally approved language curriculum.

Project activities that fulfill KUYI's goals include station management, development, production, programming and outreach.

The way we measure success in providing these goals and approaches is fourfold, centered on sustainability and proper use of CPB funds: Station management ensures KUYI’s license remains in good standing through FCC and financial compliance; KUYI ensures community monetary support through grants, underwriting, membership, donations and the sale of merchandise; KUYI listens to our audience!

EEO: KUYI Hopi Radio has fewer than five (5) full-time employees Corporation for Public Broadcasting Transparency Compliance Information Senior Management: Monica Nuvamsa, The Hopi Foundation Executive Director main office: (928) [email protected] Davis, KUYI Station Managermain office: [email protected] Foundation Board of Directors: Anne Doyle, Chair Beatrice Norton, Vice Chair Paul Kabotie, Treasurer Kerry Greene, Secretary Iva Honyestewa, Member The Hopi Foundation (KUYI's non-profit licensee) elects it's Governing Board by nomination: A membership committee made up of non-Board members and functioning as an independent body nominates prospective Governing Board members who are then appointed by The Hopi Foundation's Board of Trustees. KUYI has adopted these rules to ensure compliance with the Communications Act and to promote full community participation in the discussions and decisions of KUYI’s Community Advisory Board. Members of the public may offer testimony as to any matter on the agenda.

Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees: Open Meetings Quarterly at The Hopi Foundation Building in Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039 (110 Main Street)Most recent: June 10, 2019Community Advisory Board: Jeremy King Joannie Takala Cathy Wright Marlene Sekaquaptewa Sarah Dallas Community Advisory Board: Open Meetings Community Advisory Board: Open Meeting Policy Purpose The KUYI Community Advisory Board (CAB) is required to comply with the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U. Closed Session Agenda The closed session agenda shall be prepared and posted by the KUYI Station Manager.

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The KUYI Station Manager shall prepare a written report, or give an oral report, of any action taken in closed session that is required to be reported in open session by the Communications Act and that report shall be available for inspection and/or copying at the meeting during which the closed session is held.

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