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In conversations over several months she pressed for a meeting in Jerusalem.

When Rahum suggested a venue closer to his home, she claimed she had no car but promised to arrange for his return by 5 P. Employing sexual innuendos, she persuaded him to meet her.

I slowed down, weary from a sight that repeats itself ad nauseam only to see that they had returned his ID and let him go. In between the sheruts headed for Netanya and Nazareth stood a line of regular taxi cabs, their drivers standing, chatting among themselves in a half-circle, smoking cigarettes. ” he shouted once again, most likely as a gesture for those who may have family in the southern cities, the latter of which came under heavy rocket fire the night before. The two were pleading with an armed security guard. ” the father-coach said in a thick Arabic accent, his voice barely below a yell. It’s entirely possible that the timing of these three successive incidents was random.

After all, out-in-the-open racism has become a feature of Israeli society.

And yet, it was hard to imagine that it was completely disconnected from the full-blown war that nearly broke a few hours earlier, when, following a botched IDF operation deep inside Gaza, retaliatory strikes from both sides escalated at dizzying speeds.

Palestinians fired over 400 rockets into southern Israel in a day’s time, killing a Palestinian man in the city of Ashkelon and wounding dozens.

Both Palestinian and Israeli left-wing activists were physically beaten in the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, by right-wing thugs. Speaking out against government policies or the IDF’s actions became, almost overnight, beyond the pale.The Murder of Ofir Rahum was a shooting attack which occurred on 17 January 2001, in which Palestinian militants from the Tanzim faction of Fatah killed 16-year-old Israeli high school student Ofir Rahum on the outskirts of Ramallah.The murder was planned and initiated by 24-year-old Mona Jaud Awana from Bir Nabala.This morning, however, I was late for work and couldn’t afford the time to saunter.I crossed the street and turned left on the platform, peddling past a group of soldiers standing at the northern entrance to the station.

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The area, long neglected by the city, has become home to junkies, sex workers, the homeless, asylum seekers, and Palestinian day laborers.

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