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The first and most obvious assumption was that the password was somehow changed by someone, but this seemed highly unlikely as the password in question had existed for several years and was shared by many people. I ruled this possibility out right away by logging into these virtual machines directly via the VMWare console.

The ID and password worked just fine, so I knew something had to be wrong with the remote desktop communication itself.

The function requested is not supported."Specifically, connectivity problems occur when a patched client attempts to connect to an unpatched system which was exactly the case here.

SEE: Working in IT: Why we love it, why we hate it (free PDF) (Tech Republic)The first thing I checked was recent Windows updates on the problem servers.Working at a client site the other day, I discovered that remote desktop connectivity from a set of Windows 2008 R2 servers to several Windows 7 virtual systems had abruptly stopped working.The error produced upon attempting to log in was simple: "The user name or password is incorrect."Except I was positive this wasn't true.I uninstalled KB4103712, rebooted the server, then attempted a remote desktop connection and it worked!SEE: How to manage IT during mergers and acquisitions (free PDF) (Tech Republic)The job wasn't finished yet; just the opposite.

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I opted to uninstall the updates one-by-one then reboot and test the remote desktop connection each time. After reviewing the list above it was clear some of these updates had nothing to do with the problem - the .

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