Robert plant and allison krauss dating dating maried woman

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Robert plant and allison krauss dating

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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. CNN: Alison, did you listen to Led Zeppelin growing up? (Plant is shaking his head and mouthing the word "No.") My brother was and is such a huge fan of the band, and I remember growing up and he would be in his bedroom yelling about the records and how great they were. Plant: Yeah, to some degree, but not as intensely as I became. Just one was south of the Delta, and one was Virginia and Tennessee and North Carolina.

Robert Plant, best known as the front man for Led Zeppelin, would return to his rock roots.

Yet his upcoming album, ' Band of Joy,' has more in common with ' Raising Sand' than any Led Zeppelin sound.

Robert Plant said in a new interview with WFPK that he has been “talking” with American singer Alison Krauss about possibly recording a new album together.

That album went on to win two Grammy awards in 2008: One for album of the year, and another for best contemporary folk album. CNN: That sounds like a man who's looking forward, and not back. I don't want to go around, everybody thinking, "That's what he did." Because this is what I do, and every day, it should be more interesting. But it was the right thing to do to do it that way. We've already been around the world, and did what we did when we were young men.Clearly, they're both having the time of their lives, and are excited about their current musical journey -- which pushes each out of their respective comfort zones and into new territory. Even the band was kind of going, "Oh wow, how is this going to work? And then we both agreed that because we both produced records ourselves, that we needed an intermediary to guide -- somebody to separate us, or to make the journey more clear. With Alison, it's letting go, and with you, Robert, it's kind of containing things. Now, he's a little bit country and she's a little bit rock 'n' roll. We are in Coldplay's vacated dressing room, two nights before Plant and Krauss swept the evening at the 51st annual Grammy Awards. " It was great when we kicked in together, and I could just feel the room -- I don't want to say it, but the room lifted! And Alison knew T Bone Burnett from "O Brother, Where Art Thou," and he kindly enlisted for the gig, and he brought a lot of great songs to the show.

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If they were 20 years old and ran in Hollywood circles, tabloids might be calling them Robekrauss or Aliplant. CNN: Has he made you listen to his music collection?