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Being the superstar that he is, it is completely understandable that Robert Pattinson has dated quite a few ladies in the past and because of his celebrity status, there are consistent rumours of him being involved with some of his co-stars and friends.Here’s a complete list of Robert Pattinson’s past relationships and present relationship status.However, this particular rumour was never confirmed or denied, just ignored.Robert Pattinson, previously dated French singer, actress and songwriter – Soko.The two began their relationship in September 2014. All seemed to be going well for them until they called off their engagement and separated in 2017.

Since then, the actor has gone on to build a thriving film career and has appeared in several movies including Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson was born in London, England on the 13th of May, 1986.Despite the chemistry, both camps never confirmed the existence of a relationship.costar, Emma Watson.Both British, both talented, both attractive and both immensely popular – they seemed like a natural match.Apparently, the date didn’t lead to anything serious considering no one has heard anything about the two together since.In 2013, Robert was rumoured to have had a fling with Riley Keough – actress, model and granddaughter of the king of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley.

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She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again—just watch. ”) Pattinson was discussing how his good friend Katy Perry has birthday letters from five past presidents hanging in her bathroom. If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you’d think it extremely rude. I can’t understand how someone can walk down the street holding hands, and it’s the same as when I do it and a hundred people are taking your photo.

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