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However, due to my type of job, I stay pretty busy and don't have a lot of down time.

It seems like the big go-to for meeting new people is and the River City Sports and Social Club. Everyone is friendly here but since this isn't like DC where people come and go constantly, you don't have a ton of people in the same boat as you looking to make new friends.

I researched the area, to the point where I picked to live in the fan, which I am so glad I did.

The job made me pick Richmond though, and lower cost of living.

It is a very small city, so I understand your culture-shock, and you will likely have to put more effort in here.

I've also heard people talk about people in Richmond having their circle of friends, but I don't buy that (from my experience).

I've found that when I meet people while doing productive extra-curricular activities, that I meet people very easily.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.It doesn't sound like you enjoy the outdoors too much which is a shame because I feel that's one of Richmond's strong suites. It's like any environment real people, you have to do something that's of interest to you.Have you considered volunteering for a cause you care about or joining a club that interests you? a more artsy publication with events that may interests someone in your age group. Anyone here had any personal experience with it that went well? Meeting people in a bar is hit-or-miss, and I find it's often a bad place to meet someone you can have a long-lasting friendship/relationship with.

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There are many events: Richmond Events Calendar- RMCVB- Richmond Virginia Event Schedule, VA Sites Venture Richmond those sites are actually helpful for looking for events and organizing stuff.