Relationship ocd and dating who is joe anderson dating

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Relationship ocd and dating

These feelings are so overpowering that some people even become physically ill because of them. But there are some people whose OCD only revolves around relationships and these cases of R-OCD might go undiagnosed. Couples have issues and end relationships all of the time for all kinds of reasons. If you are dealing with obsessive thinking and intolerance of uncertainty, for example, then seeking professional help is probably a good idea.

You suffer, not because of a problem in your relationship, but rather, you suffer because of obsessions and compulsions.

Your obsessions will understandably make you worried about your relationship, might make you anxious and you deal with this by ‘checking out your relationship’, comparing it to other relationships, checking up on your partner, analysing over whether you really love them, or do they love you.

I want you start to see these things as ‘compulsions’ as it is the compulsions that keep your ROCD going. If you have a good enough relationship and you start to obsess over it, you might start to change how you interact with your partner; you start to see them differently.

It is creative, with no shortage of themes to latch onto.

Typically, OCD will attack the very things the person with the disorder holds most dear.

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Learning to change how to relate to the thoughts in your head might make you feel anxious and you need to be shown how to manage this.

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