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The erstwhile Captain Kirk, who also had a stint playing a cop by the name of TJ Hooker, made the claim while hosting Have I Got News for You last month.

While referring to the arrival of the Olympic torch in Ilfracombe, he mispronounced the town's name, in what fellow guest Charlie Brooker suggested was a "deeply sexual manner".

The in our formula is found by subtracting the LED’s forward voltage from the voltage of the power supply.

If you do a lot of electronics projects, you’re likely to have a bunch of resistors lying around.

If you’re just getting started, you might want to get an assortment so that you have some handy.

To be on the safe side, we generally select the next higher value that we have on hand; 51 Ω in this example.

Lets hook this up: 3 V battery box, 51 Ω resistor, and yellow LED. Each LED will want 25 m A, so we need to figure out how much current our batteries can source.

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So, 25 m A is the “desired” current— what we’re hoping to get when we pick a resistor, and also the and when we solve that we get: 1.2 V / 25 m A = 1.2 V / 0.025 A = 48 Ω Where “48 Ω” is 48 ohms.