Questions they ask on dating sites

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Questions they ask on dating sites

Now go and find 2-10 questions of theirs that resonate with you, and answer them in the same fashion.

If they only have a few questions answered, go back and do the same with the next match on your list.

Note any words or concepts in there that resonate with you, and write them down next to your List.

Online dating requires a different approach than your average meetcute.

) Even a handsome Ph D candidate may have trouble finding a match—just as difficult it can be to filter the wrong people out, it is impossible to create a meaningful connection when no one messages you.

With every question that you answer on the site, there are folks that essentially get removed from your search results, and you from theirs.

You'll want to refer to it often to stay focused, or change it and start again if you find your wants evolve.

Whether you've got a brand new profile or a long-standing one, you're going to want to review the step prior to this one before moving on (Do You Know What You Want on Ok Cupid? The reasoning is simple: if you just answer questions willy-nilly, you'll get similar results. With your list of two or three must-haves in hand, log back into Ok Cupid, and find your Profile (there's usually a link at the top of every page).

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