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Promoted out the dating pool

Mobile business promotion isn't just for white delivery vans.

Many vehicles have the name and phone number of a business decorating one of the windows or doors.

As is a joint venture, buddy marketing is a great way to extend your reach.

For example, when you send out brochures, you could include a leaflet and/or business card of another business which has agreed to do the same for you.

To get started with social media, create a social media plan.

If you are skilled at taking video (or know someone who is) you can record video promotions of your products or services and post them on You Tube.

Any document that you send out (whether electronic or printed) should have a letterhead with all of your company information.

If you're a website designer, you might write a piece about assessing website usability. Write a short biographical note, or "blurb" about you and your business to go with the article. Sending out press releases is another great way to get some free business promotion. Have you been involved in some promotional activity such ‚Äčas sponsoring a charity event? All of these are examples of "news" that you can capitalize on to get some free promotion for your business.

The caveat to using press releases as a business promotion tool is that your press release has to actually contain information that is newsworthy and be engaging enough to get people's interest. Press releases can be published online or in print.

Buddy marketing involves joining up with another business or businesses and pooling your resources to promote all of your businesses.

Check these to make sure you're using their promotional possibilities to full advantage.

Is your business name, logo, contact information (including web address), and slogan present on all your correspondence?

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You promote your business by getting the word out, and the first axiom of business promotion is that you have to do this consciously.