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It is certainly challenging to raise a child with a disability on your own, but it is also very rewarding. Friends and family will also be more than willing to help you with your child and with the other needs that will arise. You may not be aware that the government is there partially to provide support for single parents with disabled children.

It is also something that is possible to achieve, no matter how despondent or despairing you feel. There are a number of governmental programs and schemes that you and your children may be able to benefit from and if you are eligible for this support you should definitely make use of it.

If it is not the parent, it has to be given to a trusted member of the family (typically) by court order.

In the Marine Corps, one must give up legal custody (by court order) of their child(ren), and then wait one year or more before being eligible for enlistment.

These applicants must execute a signed statement testifying they have been advised that, if they regain custody during their term of enlistment, they will be in violation of the stated intent of their enlistment contract.

The US government has a strong focus on helping single parents who have children with disabilities by providing them with financial grants.Your local school may already be benefiting form this, so be sure to find out more.However money can also be given to qualified parents and their children in order to directly ensure that the disabled child in question receives adequate education and that he or she has the best shot at life possible despite his or her condition.After the attacks on September 11, 2001, with more than 15 years of sustained combat action, the chances for single parents joining is impossible without custody transfer.And, if already in active duty and you become a single parent, you have to have a Family Care Plan that guarantees someone local (nonmilitary) is basically on call (in writing) 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take care of your child in case you cannot.

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There are, however, a number structures aimed at giving support for single parents with disabled children.

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