Professional online dating profile service paul ardoin and together dating

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Professional online dating profile service

This will help me present a story of what it would be like for someone to go on a date and spend time with you. The good news is, an online dating coach (like me) can jumpstart your dating life.

Let’s play truth or dare, but in businessy to-tha-point kinda way. I’ll take your feedback, make any revisions, and come back to you with a lightening bolt of a final draft. (seriously, that’s how I write.) Distilling your details into perfectly honed morsels of undiluted impressiveness ringing true to your unique voice. If you ask for a change that I believe would be unwise, I’ll make a counter-recommendation, or try to understand the reasons behind your request to see if there’s a better way to implement it.With the purchase of this package, you will receive one 50 minute Skype session with me.During our session, I will verbally audit each written section of your dating profile.

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You might still have competitors, but you’ll eliminate the competition.