Predator 3d 20 11 2013

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Predator 3d 20 11 2013

In addition to being released in IMAX, The Predator is going to be receiving the 3D treatment too.

When asked about 3D by a fan on Facebook, co-writer Fred Dekker confirmed that the film would be converted to 3D.

Subsequent Predator games were based on that film and its sequels Predator 2 (1990) and Predators (2010).

The first game to cross the two franchises was Alien vs Predator, released in September 1993 and based on an earlier comic book series. To date, there have been seventeen officially licensed video games released in the Alien franchise, six in the Predator franchise, and fourteen in the Alien vs. These have been created by various developers and released for a variety of platforms including video game consoles, handheld game consoles, personal computers, and mobile phones. Predator Collectible Card Game published in 1997 and the Alien vs.

Aspect ratio alternates between 1.90:1, 2.00:1, and 2.39:1 throughout the entire film.For more about Predator 3D and the Predator 3D Blu-ray release, see Predator 3D Blu-ray Review published by It's probably getting harder and harder to remember, but there was a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the biggest action adventure star in the movies, years before his extramarital dalliances and close personal relationship with Botox made him a walking self-parody.Predator wasn't especially loved by critics when it first appeared (or disappeared, as the case may be, given the titular character's ability to mask itself), but it was one in a string of sizable box office successes for the future Governator.This is a chronological list of games in the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. There have been thirty-eight officially licensed video games, one trading card game, and one tabletop miniatures game released as tie-ins to the three franchises.The first video game of the Alien franchise was released in 1982, based on the 1979 film Alien.

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In North America, the pre-show included the debut of a new intro, called “Infinite Worlds”, that replaced the countdown intro in some locations.