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Posted by / 09-Aug-2020 14:41

When you go to re-open your Power Point presentation, you are asked to update the links. Note: While working on Power Point and Excel, if your Power Point presentation remains open, you close the Excel file and rename it just after, you will be able to open the Excel source file directly from Power Point and update your data.

Discover 8 Ways To Make Beautiful Finance Charts In Excel.Excel and Power Point are often used together at companies to produce Financial reports, Audit Reports, Due Diligence Reports, Pitch Books, Investment Memorandum, Portfolio Reviews, etc.This list has no end and we could easily ask ourselves how many hours or days are spent every year by employees to produce reports.Also, note that the update is not available when pasting tables.in Excel, the linked table in your presentation will not extend but will keep the same range of cells (B2; D10) hence providing you with the wrong data.

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If you trust the source of the presentation, choose Update Links.