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In spite of its official status and broad usage, there is no binding legislation requiring the use of the Federal regulations for shelf life dates on perishable goods mandate a year/month/day format, but allow the month to be written in full, in both official languages, or with a set of standardized two-letter bilingual codes, such as 2016 English speakers use both the 24- and 12-hour clocks, while French speakers use the 24-hour clock universally.

The Government of Canada recommends using the 24-hour clock to avoid ambiguity, and many industries require it.

The government endorses all these forms when using words, but only recommends the ISO format for all-numeric dates to avoid error.

The date can be written either with the day or the month first in Canadian English, optionally with the day of the week.

It is very common for landlords to ask for payment this way.

happen to me last year – my landlord cashed my monthly cheque as normal, and then a week later cashed another one that was dated nine months in the future.

French speakers consistently write the date with the day first ().We didn't really mind as they were very good tenants. Once midnight hits and the money isn’t in my account, I start filing the notice. If things turn sour you can bring it to the LTB to build your case. Take a picture of all the cheques so you have all the #s As a tenant, I was required to do this.My landlord was a scumbag and was cashing them all early and i got an NSF fee.Usually it's 12 months of postdated cheques as it doesn't require the tenants to do anything, and we either cash them on time or a few days late.We've also had tenants do email transfer every month, however sometimes they send it late. And I spoke to a real estate lawyer last week who does a lot of their own rental properties, and they were clear - rent is due on the first, on the second they get served the paperwork, ever time. You need to serve them eviction for nonpayment every time, right away.

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