Positives of online dating

Posted by / 28-Sep-2020 06:57

Positives of online dating

When men get too serious about their profiles it’s also a bit overwhelming.

Like I met a nice guy from e Harmony because his profile info seemed pretty basic but turns ou he was WAY more into the sports and “social drinking” than what he said online.

Chances are, you might not even be in any of the photos.

You might even turn into one of those annoying people at concerts who wave their i Pads in the air!

Nobody’s doing it right so I think we’re all in trial mode haha Exactly.

They might even ask you to be the one to help figure out certain settings on their phones, if you happen to have a similar model.

You’re like their walking Google and tech person all in one! Sometimes, you get so used to having information at the tip of your fingers that when your gadget or your internet connection is unavailable, you have no idea what to do.

You’ll then realize that back in the olden days, people went to libraries to do research.

They went to the actual cinemas to get movie schedules.

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It’s nice to browse through but then it gets frustrating when people don’t turn out to be who they said…