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These are the questions from the “cat and mouse” game of dating. Well, because that’s what it looks like, you know, cat and mouse - predator and prey.

Like in the old cartoon I used to watch, Tom and Jerry, when the cat is chasing the mouse, and the mouse is always trying to devise ways to beat up on the cat.

I was raised as a Friend in Whittier, a town in Los Angeles County named after John Greenleaf Whittier, the Quaker poet.

Some of you played "cat and mouse", and you found the boyfriend or girlfriend you're dating right now, and it worked great! And even worse is difficult to back up with scripture for the very simple reason that nobody was dating in the Bible. The expectations are upon you, and I felt like to be Mr. It meant that I had to be the expert on the important things, that I had to be the one ''in-the-know", that I was to have the last word.

We don't get the courtship model, we don't get the dating model in the Bible. That I was supposed to be the boss, and Jonalyn was supposed to be, in some ways, my secretary.

I realized that I was asking Dale to be more of Jesus, so I didn't have to be.

You can see how living as "cat and mouse" hurts our romance because from the very beginning it sets us up to be competitors.

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And the rest of us watch you walk in and all we think is: (exhales) here comes trouble. Some of you don't want to play the game, and you are in a dating relationship and you didn’t play that game, and some of you don't wanna play the game and you feel like that your only choice really is just to be single and to barricade yourself with purity rings and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting …

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