Pirate dating site

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Pirate dating site

So, rather than point to how long I’ve eaten avocados and the sort of things I eat them with, I’ll just say this.

The first English-language recipe for what could be considered “guacamole” was recorded by a pirate in 1679.

British-born William Dampier was a pirate before he set off on a voyage of discovery that eventually made him the first person to circumnavigate the globe three times.

And in his travels (he was the first European to explore Australia) his picked up a few things.

Back in 2016, Kickass Torrents was shut down and the owners were arrested afterwards after numerous allegations emerged that the website was committing copyright infringement.

On a similar vein to The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, or KAT, is now run by the community and continues to thrive on even as the original site owners and original servers no longer operate the site.

This means a VPN service that will mask your IP address and doesn’t suffer from any potential IP leak issues.

Check out 1337If you’re looking for a The Pirate Bay alternative that almost looks like a green themed version of The Pirate Bay, Lime Torrents is probably it.

Like Kickass Torrents or 1337.to, Lime Torrents is one of the largest Torrent websites in existence and will have anything you’re looking for.

A quick look at some of the most popular torrents on Lime Torrents and we can see that the Torrents here are also very popular, garnering almost 20,000 seeders on some of the more popular content.

Check out Lime Torrents This article is provided for informational purposes only.

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Check out Kickass Torrents 1337is a relatively new Torrent website, but is rising up the ranks quickly thanks to its swanky interface, active community and most importantly high quality Torrents.

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