Pensacola christian college dating

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Pensacola christian college dating

Pensacola, Florida is not a town that people really think about visiting when they come down south. (Although, we do enjoy the National Museum of Naval Aviation, which is really cool and you should check it out if you can).

A little over 10 miles north of the museum, on FL-295 and then up Interstate-110, you’ll find the campus of Pensacola Christian College, a fundamentalist Christian Baptist institution – hey, if you’re going to dedicate your life completely to Jesus and reject every other political or religious philosophy but fundamentalism then you might as well enjoy the sun. Arlin Horton and his wife Beka moved to Pensacola and founded the Pensacola Christian School in 1954.

We believe you will find our worship meaningful, our fellowship inviting, and our preaching to be biblical, engaging, and practical.

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To say that PCC’s policies are strict is an understatement.Don’t even ask what they think of liberals in the political sense.If a liberal accidentally wandered on campus the police might be called.Honesty, refraining from causing harm to others, community, and staying within the laws of the home country all remain relatively reasonable and universal codes that give students structure while still preserving their individuality and bolstering their character.But some schools, most especially those affiliated with the evangelical Christian movement in the United States, raise a number of extremely difficult questions with their adherence to a highly restrictive code of values.

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Both groups were returning from the beach (they had gone to separate beaches; men and women are not allowed to be at the beach together).

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