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Patrick Dempsey cut me off on La Cienega Boulevard.

When I arrive, he is already here, unaccompanied, at the Ferrari exhibit, studiously looking at a car called the Dino.

"Well," he says, "if I drive aggressively, I try to signal, so people know.

It's irritating when people drive aggressively and they don't signal." Dempsey is no stranger to aggression.

Most important, however, he has the duties and pleasures of helping his wife, Jillian, raise their twin boys—Darby and Sullivan, born in February 2007—and their daughter, Talula. "This weekend, it was nice not to leave the house and just be with my family. It's not until the six-month period that you're getting more feedback and you're starting to see a personality and you begin relating a little bit more. And I've been spending a lot of time with my daughter to help make that transition for her." As for his day job, recently finished its sixth season as one of the most highly rated and critically acclaimed series in recent TV history. The amount of exposure and the visibility…it was a big change for me.

Coming to terms with it has been the real challenge." Dempsey says he intends to slow down and not jump on the next movie offer until he has a chance to plot his future.

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"I recently bought a 1954 XK 120 SE, which is sort of, I think, the defining postwar Jag," he says.