Park so hyun dating

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Park so hyun dating

That’s why I revealed [my relationship] on my fan cafe.” When asked about his members’ reactions back then, U-Kwon shared, “I was at the dorm, and Park Kyung closed the door angrily.He asked me how I could do this on my own without consulting them.” MC Park So Hyun sided with Park Kyung and said, “You should’ve discussed it with them.” U-Kwon agreed and admitted, “I should’ve at least discussed it with them before revealing it.Lucky for his fans as this handsome actor revealed he does not have any girlfriend since his debut on 2010.“I don’t think it’s time to date yet. There are a lot of things I want to show so after I do everything that I can for sure, I think I’ll be able to date,” the singer-actor revealed.According to the actor in one of his interviews for “Hwarang,” he said that before he dates a girl, he will observe for a long time so that he can date her for a long time.Kim Soo-hyun comes to visit when he doesn’t have a busy schedule.” The news of Sohee, who had recently moved to Key East (Kim Soo-hyun’s talent agency), after her contract with JYP Entertainment expired, seemed like another confirmation as well.However, Key East denied their artists’ dating rumor on 30 September: “We have confirmed with both Kim Soo-hyun and Sohee. It is true that they know each other, but they are not dating”.So, an hour later, they deleted the post on the fan cafe and called me over to a restaurant in front of the agency.” He added, “But it became a big topic, and they saw it in a positive light, so they told me to date as much as I want.” When asked if he regrets making his relationship public, U-Kwon replied, “At that time, things went differently than expected, so I regretted it, but not now.” Then he sweetly boasted, “My girlfriend has great style, so my fans see her as a role model.Many of them want to follow her style.” Sandara Park asked if there were any members who envied his public relationship, and U-Kwon shared, “Park Kyung is especially envious of me. I’ve been in a public relationship for eight years now, so I think he’s envious of that.

At that time, Sohee was still under JYP Entertainment.

The actor has a huge crush on foreign actresses Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried, revealing he is pleased and attractive to foreign people as they will help him get used to new culture and as well as it will help him improve his English language.

The second female star whom Kim Soo-hyun is rumored of dating is former Wonder Girls member Sohee.

Back in June 2015, internet forums were filled by a fan account claiming that Kim Soo-hyun and Sandara Park were seen together at a restaurant.

Despite the lack of evidence, some netizens believed it as they found out that Sandara has appeared in two Kim Soo-hyun’s dramas, namely .

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I feel like my love cells are disappearing.”He also revealed that he takes love and relationship seriously and also said he will be proud to introduce his girlfriend.