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Ovation dating guitars vintage

Kaman offered to buy Martin guitars, but was politely turned down.

A second offer was refused, but the idea didn’t die. Guitars Back at the blade factory was a worker who played violin.

Then, one weekend his combo got the biggest gig of its career – opening for Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra.

Charlie was hot that night, and Dorsey took notice.

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Which path does the son of a construction foreman pursue?

This is my personal website for displaying photos of my various Ovation guitars.

I have been a player and collector of these fine instruments for over 45 years.

Kaman realized how he could put his skills to another use.

Martin and Harmony Kaman’s helicopter blades were made of Sitka spruce, like Martin’s guitar tops, and with their expertise in precision tooling, he felt he could make guitars.

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Acurious phenomenon that ac-companies certain guitar compa-nies is an inability to translate success from one medium to another.

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