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In the mean time I am running malware and anti-virus software to get to the root of why my browser seems to have been hijacked..sayin...

Apologies if your computer is giving you problems - are you using Windows XP?

Each template can have random word substitutions in to fool spam filters like so: -- Hello , I didn't think you were enough to a personalized email. Cheers -- If you want to get creative, each template can also have randomly selected 'fragments' in it, like so: This program is Windows only, so Mac users are out unless they are running some sort of virtualization software. Progressing past the message phase is your own job.

For download instructions and a key, pm me with your email - I need it to set up a list of testers. I don't like talking about 'bangs', but I can say that it has been incredibly both in terms of meeting girls and saving me lots of time. I'd love to hear some info of how it progressed passed the message phase and transitioned into dates/bangs from some of those messages.

It performs some rudimentary text analysis on their profile, and lets you sort by the effort they put into the profile, their approximate reading level, and some combination of both.

It should work especially well for pipelinining when you are traveling, but I see no reason why it can't work just as well at home.This way your machine won't get infected if there's malware bundled with the stuff you're running. To anyone that wants to be beta-test, join my beta testers forum at Online Dating .It's a bit desolate for now, but has some instructions, information, and bug reports/feature requests. I got back to NYC just before sandy hit, and was planning to stay with friends for a bit.Here's how it works: It will automatically visit the profile of every single girl that matches your search criteria on the site who has been recently active.In countries like the Philippines, doing this alone is enough to generate dozens of "Thank you for visiting" emails back. While visiting the profiles, the tool collects the pictures of the users as well as their text.

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