Online dating falling in love without meeting

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Online dating falling in love without meeting

Troy wasn’t famous exactly, but his proximity to fame was enough to intimidate me.As the DJ and producer for a rising R&B star, he fell into a category of man I was programmed to avoid.The soulful electronic music he made suggested a gentle heart. He was on the road again, headed to Baltimore, and he seemed happy to have a distraction from the banter on the tour bus.Plus, Crystal seemed convinced that we were made for each other. Before long we had a cheeky repartee going, shooting You Tube clips back and forth, everything from the ridiculous (psychedelic motion graphics of dancing kittens) to the sublime (studio recordings of Minnie Riperton from the 1970s).With all the sensory pleasures of a normal date stripped back—food, wine, making out—it was easier to let each other in on our secret hopes, dreams, and fears. Then, about three months into our digital correspondence, it happened. “You’re glowing,” a colleague teased, as I bounded into work one Monday morning.There was a spring in my step, a faraway look in my eyes, a blush to my cheeks—Cupid’s arrow had got me good!

He used his encyclopedic knowledge of music to woo me too, sending MP3s each morning to download for my morning commute, usually some ethereal jazz tune—Thelonious Monk, Donald Byrd, Alice Coltrane.

Each time our eyes locked for longer than a few seconds, he would squint as if to stop himself from blushing. By the time we logged off around a.m., I was googly-eyed and giddy.

From that day forward, our online rendezvous took place almost every night.

Was that pile of dirty laundry visible in the frame?

Did the bright red lipstick I was wearing read as thirsty? But before I had the chance to figure out my best angles, there he was on my laptop screen.

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It didn’t matter the time zone, or what else was going on, that time was sacred.