Online dating doesnt work

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Online dating doesnt work

Now it's all over the place with virtually no Profile Information and One picture (a Fake, duh!) or someone with the most oddest profile stating how they love to fart, I mean cool, I didn't need to know that.The problem with online dating this day's is that a number of sites employ bots ecosystem, to drive up the member numbers and to get some money from users via micro transactions of some subscription, which are usually pretty up there to / month.Not to mention some sites make Cancellation pretty hard, requiring you to call in.I mean if it's not some alcohol or drug problem then there is some emotional train wrecking going on.In short for every 1 decent woman, you will be faced with 50 bat shit crazy ones.Well then I got my somewhat of a fun little rant out of the way, and I hope it helps someone. Technology has not brought anything new to the human condition that didn't already exist.Personal classifieds, speed dating, sending a telegram to the nearest frontier town for a wife, it's all existed in one form or another.

But truth be told most Online dating sites are populated by Odd and in some sense Broken woman and man, but more Woman.With that said don't poke your confidence with a stick, it's there.You just gotta remember that nothing is perfect and Online Dating isn't perfect either, in fact most Online Dating sites are turning into somewhat of Tinder clones.Sure everyone farts, but it's not very appealing to put on your dating profile.Ok, so we go Bots, Subscription and Piss Poor Profile Quality out of the way let's get to the biggest elephant in the room.

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To anyone who thinks the problem is external, try this one year life plan: Once you stop looking for excuses that aren't under your control and start looking for ways you can improve your station in life, even just a little, you begin to understand progress.

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