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His body, or at least some relics from his body were reportedly removed and shared with a community of monks in France.

His cranium was sent to a German monastery where it was placed in a special silver case in 934.

Ambrose was born around 340 AD to a Roman Christian family. continue reading When Alfred Bessette came to the Holy Cross Brothers in 1870, he carried with him a note from his pastor saying, "I am sending you a saint." The Brothers found that difficult to believe.

Chronic stomach pains had made it impossible for Alfred to hold a job very long ...

First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his ... He was the Bishop of Milan and became one of the most important theological figure of the 4th century.

His body was recovered by a Christian woman, named Lucina, and she secretly buried him in the catacombs beneath Rome.

Nearly 80 years after his death, around 367, his remains were moved to a basilica in Rome, built by Pope Damasus I.

He joined the Roman Army in 283 AD, ostensibly to be of service to other Christians who were being persecuted by the Romans. Sebastian distinguished himself and for his excellent service, he was promoted to serve in the Praetorian Guard to protect Emperor Diocletian.

While serving as a Praetorian Guard, Marcus and Marcellian, twin brothers, were imprisoned for refusing to make public sacrifices to the Roman gods. During their imprisonment, their parents visited them to implore them to renounce Christianity. Sebastian convinced both parents to convert to Christianity. Sebastian also converted several other prominent individuals, including the local prefect.

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This time, he would not permit Sebastian to escape with his life.

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