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), Mitch Miller, Margaret Whiting (I do buy records of Whiting's aunt--Brunswick artist Margaret Young! Your collection as a whole is probably a dud (at least in monetary terms) if there are any Lawrence Welk 78s.

That is just a rule of thumb--yes, there are exceptions.

Lots of people, have thanked me for this "crash course" on the value of 78s and how to sell them. I wrote it to help people so they can get a fair price when selling their 78s.

For additional help, see my other article on this topic, called The Value of Old 78s.

" Most record-collectors are not seeking uninteresting 78s.Specific offers tell you what your 78s are REALLY worth, at least to one person out there, and finding a buyer--any buyer--is the hardest part of selling 78s.Pay no attention to folks who tell you that your 78s are worth lots of money but then refuse to buy the records.But if the original buyer of the 78s was spending money on Welk, then that person had "square" tastes and was probably not buying the good Elvis Presley 78s.Likewise, if you see a healthy percentage of records identified as waltzes, polkas, or tangos, you may have a lemon of a collection.

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Some lists contain nothing of interest--too much Guy Lombardo!

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