Ok cupid gay dating great headline for dating website

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Ok cupid gay dating

I said this and they responded with: "We're so glad you're enjoying our new feature! There is zero customer service and nobody ever gets back to you.

" Either this was a generic response, or it was a sarcastic jab showing how little they care about customers. They bait you into signing up for the paid service and then cancel you for no reason.

I am going to contact the BBB as well as American Express, which I used to pay for the service. I used Ok Cupid years ago and there were some decent people on there and I even met a few.Tried contacting them about this but they don't reply. I eventually found myself IP banned, and multiple attempts to reach out were met with vague responses or nothing at all.They would just say something happened that violated terms and wouldn't even give a specific reason.(This is what I emailed Ok Cupid but the email address didn't work.) This morning my inbox was filled with messages from Ok Cupid, starting with the usual welcome message you guys send out, followed by a dozen replies to the account set up in the name "Eva".I decided to pay for the Premium A-List account so that I could search for the criteria I wanted. I noticed that unlike in the past, there is no way to know when the last date someone logged in. But "Thank You for your Credit Card Information and we have falsified your amount likes to take your money"!!I think this site is dying and they have resorted to desperate measures. I asked Pay Pal for a refund and waiting on their answer. On the free account you'll get lots of likes but to see those likes you have to pay. After you pay the likes stop and now Ok Cupid keeps asking you to pay (they call it a boost) to get ranked higher so they see your profile. This site will FALSELY state that you have (for example) 100 plus likes. Stay away form this crooked dating site at all costs.

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I find it really amazing that someone can set up a fake profile using someone's email, with you not sending a confirmation email requiring a confirmation reply before setting up that account - to ensure it is legitimate.

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  1. So my question is, do you think 21 is too young for online dating? Paid sites like Match and e Harmony tend to be more for people who are looking for serious relationships with marriage as an end goal - the user base is also older (typically because you need the money to join at all).

  2. The adult thing to do is to understand that some types of relationships need boundaries. I’ve slept with girls who have felt ashamed of themselves for sleeping with me, I’ve slept with girls who thought they could get a relationship out of me and failed, and I’ve slept with girls who started out thinking I was a great guy and ended up wanting me out of their life.