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Nyde chat bylgarian

The Eeports and Presi- dential Addresses form at once a contribution to the history of philological studies in this country, and to that of Sweet's own mind and widening interests. Phonetics, General Philology, and Germanic AND English Philology (1882) . 169 Dialects and Prehistoric Forms of Old English (1876) 185 Old English Etymologies (1879-85) . (1882) ; English IT (1883) ; History of G in English (1883) . Nor would the mere statement that the modern horse is a descendant of a three-toed marsh quadruped be accepted as an exhaustive description. — North, n, resemblance of, to Portuguese (i), 468. — spoken North, adjectives iu, see Adjectives ; colloquial sentences of, 511-54 ; concluding remarks to paper on, 573, 574 ; consonants of, see Consonants ; dialogues and descriptions in, 554-62 ; diph- thongs of, see Diphthongs ; irregu- larities, miscellaneous, in, 521 ; numerals in, 530, 531 ; off-glides iu, effect of, 509, 510 ; parasitic vowels of, see Parasitic ; pronomi- nal prei K)sitions of, 540, 541 ; pronouns of, 531-3 ; (pus), note on, 506 ; quantity in, 502-4 ; sentence-stress in, 502 ; stories in, 562-71 ; stress in, 501, 502 ; sub- stantives of, gender of, 525 ; plural of, 526-8; texts of, in Visible Speech, 572-3 ; treatment of final voice stops in, 510 ; unstressed vowels, see Unstressed ; verbs of, see Verbs ; vowel-quantity, see Vowel-quantity ; vowels of, see Vowels (Old Vowel-sounds ; (y), nature of, 504, 505. — characteristics of early, 199, 200 ; distinctive features of, due to later change, 202. viii PREFACE The essay on Linguistic Affinity will be new, perhaps, to most students, and the paper on Shelley's Nature- Poetry to very many. PROGRESS OF LINGUISTIC SCIENCE 73 80 95 141 Report on Germanic and Scandinavian (1874) Presidential Address on English Philologi AND Phonology (1877) .... Still less would the zoologist be allowed to ignore the existing varieties of the Eqiddae as being ' inorganic ' modifications of the original type. — of Portuguese, 465, 466 ; detailed analysis of, 467-9 ; table of, 467. in Swedish, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393 ; before passive s, 391, 423 ; before s of genitive, 391. 'Weave', use of, by Shelley, 252-6; in the Kig-Veda, 254. 590 INDEX Welsh cousouaiit-syinbols, sound values of, 518-21. Welsh vowel-symbols, see Vowel- symbols.* Weste, references to, for ISwedish forms, 379, 380, 384, 392, 396, 397.

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It is believed that scholars everywhere will welcome this volume, which brings together, in a convenient form, articles hitherto widely scattered, and often inaccessible to many. Such, however, is the course pursued by most antiquarian philologists. — due to loss ot accent in Swedisii, 393 ; in Swedisii pronouns, 416. — of Russian, 450 ; key-words to, 450 ; table of, 449 ; effect of blade- points upon, 456 ; influence of, on preceding consonants, 452-5 ; nasal- izing of, 456 ; palatalization of, 455, 456 ; unvoicing of, 456. Vowel-symbols of Portuguese, sound- values of, 474-80. — of Welsh, sound-values of, in stressed syllables, 511-13 ; in un- stressed syllables, 514-18. — Eaglisb polysyllables iu, shorten- ing of vowels in, 502.

Taken as a whole, the volume is typical of the wide range of Sweet's attainments and interests. When a modern language discards the cumbrous and ambiguous inflexions it has received from an earlier period, and substitutes regular and precise inflexions and agglutinations of its own, these formations are contemp- tuously dismissed as * inorganic ' by the philologist, who forgets that change, decay, and reconstruction are the very life of WORDS, LOGIC, AND GRAMMAR (1876) 3 language — language is ' inorganic ' only when it stands still in its development. — of spoken North Welsh, 499; detailed description of, 504, 507.

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