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Nude in belfast

The brand were so, so generous to us and colour matched us all for our own foundation and concealer. This is a liquid and a little goes a very long way! I knew when I seen it on display that I would love it and I do!

I prefer it to their powder highlights as it’s more intense but a little tip…add the powder over the top of the stick and you get something even better!

The products on display ranged from highlighters to concealors as well as the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette! The makeup went onto Lauren’s skin flawlessly and all the oohs and ahhs from the rest of us in the audience was only testiment to how impressed we were by this POWDER foundation…did I forget to mention that bit?!

And I wasn’t lying when I said the other NI bloggers were loving that packaging 😂 After a chance to take our blog pics and swatch some of the products; we were given some information on the brand by Clint followed by a live makeup demo which he did on the lovely NI blogger ‘tellmeaboutlauren’ (check her out, she’s a babe! 😉 Yes, nude by nature specialise in mineral/powder foundations which are naturally derived, similar in premise to bare minerals, I guess, but supposedly a LOT better for you.

A special mention has to be made about their brushes.

As you will have seen from my pics they come with a little stand included in the packaging so you can have them standing on your dressing table and I LOVE this idea!

I have also tried it over my liquid foundation and this produces a lovely airbrushed finish so I’m still pleased with it.And that’s coming from someone who stalks Instagram on the daily and who is normally pretty up to date with the latest beauty brands! After doing a little research it was clear to see Nude by nature is by no means new in terms of its reputation and the following that it already has specifically in Australia!Nude by nature are a naturally derived makeup brand and cruelty free too (topical at the minute if you have just heard the latest news on Nars!) They strive to produce products that make you look flawless without the feeling of having caked on makeup and come on, who doesn’t want that?!On the day we were greeted by the ever so lovely Clint Dowell who is the makeup brand ambassador.

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When we introduced our now infamous FULL FRONTAL calendar last year we have never had a response like it.