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No credit card required webcam sites

I asked web standards advocate Jeffrey Zeldman what he thinks about this development.

"Adding camera access via a web standard sounds pretty cool to me," he writes.

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There is an options button to access alternate camera or microphone sources (if applicable).

The empahasis on explicit permissions is clearly built into Chrome's implementation of this standard. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is holding one of their triannual meetings (this time in Vancouver) this week.

This group has been pivotal in geeking out on the details to make those permissions be as bulletproof as possible.

He likes that the new features "go through the same security verifications that users already see in other existing Chrome APIs, like geo-location," and that, "this feature was already available in the Opera browser's desktop and mobile versions, so it has been in the wild for some time for a large number of people.  Making this sort of functionality work natively in the browser, rather than having to rely on proprietary plugins, is a big win for users and developers alike." The comparison to geo-location permissions is apt, and users should apply the same degree of awareness and caution with real time communication streams as they do with location information or secure (https) connections.

Google presents it this way in its official blogpost on the new Chrome release, "What if web apps could see? In today’s  Chrome Stable release, when you give them permission, they can." [the bolding is mine].

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