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Botanic Gardens Conservation International We are honored to be among the first small group of organizations worldwide to receive BGCI's accreditation as an Advanced Conservation Practitioner.Center for Plant Conservation In the 1980s, we co-founded CPC, which is dedicated to the stewardship of imperiled native plants, and today are one of its 57 participating institutions.Our growing communities have led to the creation of coalitions and networks of solidarity rooted in an inclusive construction of Latinidad and/or Indigeneity to advocate for our communities’ survival.We are redefining notions of home and belonging in predominantly white, heteronormative spaces defined by long settler colonial legacies and unmaking/ remaking (Anzaldúa, 2005) the “new world” according to our own legacies and cultural practices.Situated in what was once constructed as “the new world” by European settler colonists, Western Massachusetts is a space of long and complex histories.The original inhabitants of the land were people of the Pocomtuc Nation.

In our comprehensive report, we look at the health of the region’s iconic landscapes, discuss the critical importance of plant diversity, detail the challenges facing both rare and common plants, and present strategies for conservation action.Global Strategy for Plant Conservation In 2010, this initiative of the United Nations' Convention on Biological Diversity set 16 global targets to reach by 2020.We aim to achieve for our region the GSPC's country-wide targets and have incorporated them into our strategic plan.National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration We are one of the nonprofit partners in this initiative, which includes a range of federal agencies and is administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).Seeds of Success We recently spearheaded the eastward expansion of this BLM program, which previously had focused on collecting wild seed for restoration projects on federal lands in the western U. North American Orchid Conservation Center We are a partner of this Smithsonian Institution coalition of organizations across the U. and Canada working to conserve North America's 200-plus native orchid species.

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Because native plants compose the habitats for all animals, from black bears to black swallowtails, these losses ripple outward.

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