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New horizons dating

For details of dances or events, see the online event calendar. Whether you are divorced, a widow, a widower, or have never been married, you will find other singles at New Horizons with similar life experiences.

We encourage camaraderie, conversation, and enjoying life.

New Horizons members and friends gather once or twice a month at the First Church of Lombard in Lombard, Illinois.

For these Tuesday evening meetings we may plan a variety of activities or just have open dancing, or dance lessons.

The less confident a partner is in what he can offer a relationship, the faster he will start comparing himself to your previous partner in his own mind.

He must respect your previous life and not ask you to abandon your memories or emotions.Before entering a serious relationship with a new man, look at how he treats his friends and family.Does he recognize and observe their emotional and physical boundaries?You will probably do things you never thought you would do and one day call your family to say: “I went on a bike ride,” or “Last week I learned to swing dance and line dance,” or “This week end, I’m going to dinner and a play with some friends,” or “Next week I’m playing pinochle.” We also have a charitable side.Twice a month members pack food for local food pantries at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

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New Horizons members enjoy life and getting to know others.