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You’ll have a headset (comprised of VR Cardboard, most of the time) and headphones on, which will cover your auditory and visual stimulation.

You’ll be able to not only see the hottest models and nude babes around, but even move your head and look around the room!

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This has changed the future face of masturbation, and it leads us to believe that things are only going to improve from here.

If we could create a robot that felt exactly like a real woman, I’m sure men all over the world would be ripping those things off of the shelves.

VR porn is much better because it not only makes the experience much more immersive, but it makes the payoff feel that much better as well.

The sounds are 100% binaural, which means they move 360 degrees in space.

If a model is whispering in your ear, it’s going to feel exactly like it!

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Some of the products you’ll need to keep an eye out for would be Google Cardboard or a brand new smartphone (to ensure it will run your favorite videos effortlessly) – there are tons of VR cardboard options out there, though.

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