My daughter is dating a much older man

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My daughter is dating a much older man

Recognize the powerful grip the 25 yr old has and that is normal. I would try and create a containment bubble around a situation you have limited control over but in reality you do have a way to contain the situation. Reinforce her education about the risks of getting pregnant and maybe set some soft rules like 'education comes first' Maybe she is in sixth form. It could be that the relationship is successful but if something goes wrong be sure she knows you are there for her if things collapse.I get myself sick with worry in regards to my kids.But at the end of the day, I know at least they are healthy and safe. You might also be concerned if he were 17, given that what you are afraid of (her getting hurt, pregnant, or growing up too quickly, or him being with her just for one reason) can easily happen with a 17 year old boyfriend too.You sound like a great parent and I wish the very best to you and your daughter. While such concerns are natural, and perfectly understandable, they are also irrational. He owns his own successful business although he still lives with parents.I know its only 8 years difference but it's the difference between him being at an age where he must be thinking about starting a family, marriage, etc and her starting out in life. Do I let them get on with it or should I try to explain my above concerns at the risk of pushing them together?Since the first time I feel like she is the perfect match for me and she thinks also like that.I was afraid in the beginning that this age difference could be a problem, but it's not.

What you can do, depending on your relationship to her, is to share your concerns, while acknowledging that they are irrational.

The general rule of thumb for age appropriateness is half plus 7.

The obligatory XKCD cartoon: 25 and 17 is slightly over.

She went to high school and lived with her parents.

Since then almost 4 years past and we live together in another city and we are both happy and in love.

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We married two years later, and had our first daughter 9 months after we married, with my wife still 19.

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