Ms word calendar control not updating

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Ms word calendar control not updating

Next, open the Visual Basic Editor by choosing Tools Visual Basic Editor (or keys: Alt F11).

In the Project Explorer window, normally in the upper left corner of the Visual Basic editor) locate and click on the document in which you want to build the calendar, either Normal (the Normal Template) or Project (Document1) (where "Document1" is the name of your new, empty document in Word).

[Follow this link for full instructions on downloading and installing the Active X Calendar Control file.] Click the Calendar tool then click on the User Form near its upper left corner to place a calendar on the User Form.

You will be able to call up the calendar with a keyboard shortcut, from a toolbar button or menu, or from the right-click context menu.

When you select a date it is automatically entered into your document at the insertion point...

If you plan to distribute the calendar tool to other users it would be better to create it in a new, empty document which can be saved as a template.

This template can be loaded automatically like an Add-In, so that it is available whenever Word opens, without the need to alter individual users' copies of If you are planning to create your calendar in a template you will need a new, empty document.

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Did you ever need to check a date before you typed it into a document?

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