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I know Date Mill is a small outfit and I don't expect miracles, but at that pace I'm guessing Date Mill is one guy doing this as a side project, part time. My first post was an impartial, brief, to the point review that reflects what a disappointment Etano is after such a long wait.

Some people have invested a lot of time waiting for this, expecting a superior script.

Dalt Good to come back to this topic I have moved towards using Madeby Mary's modules and they pretty decent her latest is My Space (My Social Space) and once this is sorted I do believe it will be something pretty decent Hey, socialnetworker! We definitely agree that PHP Fox has a number of user features that we have not yet incorporated into Social Engine.

Remarkably though, we've had a number of people switching from PHP Fox to Social Engine over the past few months.

Have you ever considered the fact that Datemill is a small outfit, and don't have the resources of adobe or microsoft?

The admin/backend looks like some pretty weak cheese. And your suggestion that the cursor is 'all over the screen' is strange.

Tell me what you think about adding a 3d city with chat and a pay-per-view chat section as well.Now you are saying that instant messenger and forum plugins/integrations are cutting edge? These are basic features, and that is what we were discussing unless I missed something. My post says this thing has been hanging around for almost two years.My point is, in that time I would have thought that the script would at least have these basic features.To install the Siv's Spouse Rooms feature, you must have SMAPI 0.40 installed.Instructions can be found in the : This mod comes with visual updates done by me, but they are optional.

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I would be more then willing to purchase these additions if they were offered for Dolphin how about you?

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