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We marketers are well versed in sexual terminology: We want brand experiences to ‘seduce consumers’ and ‘build intimacy’; we seek to increase clients’ ‘market penetration’; above all, we aim for ‘customer satisfaction’. We also speak the language of marital fidelity, especially when the topic is customer loyalty. These monogamous types are the brand loyalists who make a choice, form a special bond with our brand and maintain a lifelong relationship with it.

The mindset of us marketers has been that once consumers bought into our brand and formed an emotional bond with it, they would stay with it — a true marriage.

It grew into a discipline with a massive bibliography and thousands of practitioners.As Jean-Noel Kapferer writes in the Ivey Business Journal (2005): “Brand loyalty can no longer exist because the very intrinsic definition of the term ‘brand loyalty,’ whether in English, French or German, [is] contradictory to the actual relationship between the producers and consumers.‘Brand loyalty’ implies a type of matrimonial relationship based on exclusivity.That may have been so when there were a limited number of brands, but now the choice is huge, and the markets are volatile. As choice and competition increase, brand loyalty becomes endangered.In stark contrast to the monogamous brand loyalists, another group of consumers is increasingly prepared to switch brands within a given category.

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So, we cannot confuse repeat purchases with fidelity.

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