Middle age women dating younger guys

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Middle age women dating younger guys

At least the increasingly desperate Lydia is dimly aware of why many might find her romantic career a little demeaning."I don't know how I'd feel if my son one day arrived home with a woman 18 years older."And my son was unhappy that I was dating a younger man." But a little disapproval was clearly not going to stop her from kicking up her heels."Jason and I grew apart and after several months I ended the affair, brimming with new-found confidence." With that relationship consigned to history, Lydia met Dan, a human resources manager from London who at 30 was also 11 years her junior.Lydia admits her own family were less than thrilled at her choice of boyfriend.

And Lydia, a twice-divorced company director from Leeds, isn't unique in her penchant for men almost half her age."He made me feel like the most important woman in the world," she coos."But my son, who was then 17, was jealous, especially as I used to spend most weekends with Ian, leaving my kids with their grandparents or friends." Eventually, after just over a year she found herself single once again, this time citing the pressure of long separations."We had booked a fortnight's holiday in Spain," recalls Lydia."But as I waited for him to arrive, he called to tell me he was dumping me and didn't want to see me any more.

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They've become a familiar feature on the arms of celebrities such as Sadie Frost and Demi Moore, and now it seems they are the lovers of choice for a growing number of middle-class, middle-aged divorcees.

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