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(Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa even dressed up as the sisters for Halloween one year.) The fashion icons were well aware of the public's fascination with their style, with Ashley saying in 2009, "I think you're either born with a sense of style or you're not. Around the same time, the Olsens were rarely spotted without a Starbucks cup in hand.The coffee wasn't just an accessory though for the new college co-eds, it was an essential, as Mary-Kate once explained to , "When I was younger, on weekends, my mom would make us pancakes with our initials on them and then a tiny cup of coffee.In fact, the movie would serve as Ashley's final acting credit ever, with Mary-Kate going on to appear in the TV series Weeds before making her final on-screen turn in 2011'sof leaving the acting world. I like the way it operates, I like the people who are involved and the sense of possibility.But if I ever get back in, it's not going to be as an actress." star Troian Bellisario actually grew up with the twins, revealing in an interview with Huffington Post, "I grew up across the street from them so we used to play all the time." They lost touch when the twins moved away, but randomly reconnected with Bellisario auditioned for Billboard Dad, their 1998 movie. In 2004, the sisters faced a major decision: Make their hosting debut or attend their senior prom. ' A few seconds later, I said, ', of course.'"Ashley added, "We couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a show we love, especially when we enjoy making fun of our image so much."While they initially considered asking their school if the date for prom could be changed, they decided against it, with Ashley admitting, "We thought that if the tabloids got hold of a story like that, they'd never let us live it down! I think the hardest part to get to is that point of asking for help or reaching out to other people and being honest with yourself." 11."I don't think it ever felt like we were actresses," Mary-Kate explained, "because we spent so much more of our time not in front of the cameras, building a brand."During this time, they released albums, a magazine, a clothing line with Walmart, a cosmetics line, board games, video games, an animated TV series, and a line of bedroom furniture.They eventually became the youngest self-made millionaires, and when they turned 18, they joined the list of the richest teenagers in the world when they took full ownership of Dualstar. , just the twins' second theatrical release after 1995's It Takes Two, would end up being Mary-Kate and Ashley's final film together, earning a disappointing million when it was released in 2004.Mary-Kate earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2002 for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series for , which featured Mary-Kate kissing Ethan Peck, Gregory Peck's grandson, and Ashley kissing Brocker Way. When Dualstar Entertainment Group launched in 1993, it made the then six-year-old twins producers and owners of the production company that would release all of their 47 direct-to-DVD movies and music video series (including , "We didn't have to dig too deep. It was very much people-pleasing as opposed to actually, I guess, working for it."Of becoming CEOs at such a young age, Ashley told WWD in 2013, "We couldn't see over the top of the table.

But that didn't mean they didn't cry during filming, with John Stamos once admitting that he almost got the girls fired."It's sort of true that the Olsen twins cried a lot," Stamos told reporters in 2015.When asked by the publication why she was moving, she simply said, "I think we can all guess."12.Some of MK's other big romances included Henry Winkler's son Max Winkler, David Katzenberg, who is the son of Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and would go on to date Nicky Hilton, another oil heir in Max Snow (also Uma Thurman's nephew), and a reported hookup with Josh Hartnett.from 2008 to 2010, She dated artist Nate Lowman.13.Ashley also has had her fair share of relationships over the years, beginning with USC quarterback Matt Kaplan, her first serious boyfriend she dated she she was 15-18.

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"Every week, they were giving us something that we might have hoped for, but we never really expected, and then all kinds of fun surprises on top of it."4.

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