Mars retrograde dating

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Mars retrograde dating

Retrograde is known for facilitating misunderstandings, and with Cancer in the mix, it will be hard to not take anything way too personally.Lead with empathy and give people the benefit of the doubt before making assumptions.

Acknowledge uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that arise during this timeframe.

Days of reversal are very powerful days, the more so if in your own chart you have a planet on or near the reversal degree of Mars - and you may expect a change in activity with regard to that planet in the period following it.1901 -Jan.

13 (12Vi33) - (Feb.22 at 2Vi57) -April 4 (23Le04) 1903-Feb 18 (16Li17) - (March 29 at 7Li26) -May 9 (27Vi26) 1905-April 2 (25Sc07) - (May 8 at 17Sc32) -June 17 (8Sc20) 1907 -June 5 (18Cp54) - (July 6 at 13Cp23) - Aug 9 (6.

Buy a durable phone case and block your ex's number because everyone’s favorite astrological transit is just around the corner: Mercury Retrograde.

When the planet that rules communication, technology, and our thought processes stations retrograde, 'tis the season to collectively drop our phones in the toilet, forget to hit send on important emails and texts, and have awkward run-ins with our exes.

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You might want to shower your boo with compliments and profess your love from the mountaintops (or, more likely, your Instagram feed.) This strategy might work for some of us, but for others (cardinal signs, I’m looking at you), this could lead to disaster.

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