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He also works closely with the Desiring God Ministry of John Piper, and The Gospel Coalition, that includes Tim Keller and Don Carson.Indeed, Driscoll is so well regarded in evangelical circles that he is council member of The Gospel Coalition.

Incredibly, he has built a ministry, in large part, by preaching and teaching about sex, and by using crude language.This website is the result of our examination of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s ministry.Our aim is to warn believers in the UK, and the USA, and elsewhere, of the false nature of Driscoll’s ministry.‘Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them’ (Matthew 7.20) Storm clouds gather over Mars Hill Church, as a large number former and current church leaders have lodged formal charges against Pastor Mark Driscoll, accusing him of creating a climate of fear through his verbally abusive language, lack of self-control and arrogant domineering attitude.In August 2014 the board of Acts29, the church planting network founded by Mark Driscoll, expelled him, and his Mars Hill Church, from membership on grounds of his ungodly and disqualifying behaviour.

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Mark Driscoll has a firm supporter in Pastor John Piper.