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If ever a single musician deserved credit for taking the essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll music out of the shadows of African American culture and the early tunes of Chuck Berry and Ray Charles, and almost singlehandedly propelling it into the limelight of the American public, that musician is Elvis Presley.

He did not really want his first guitar When Elvis turned 11, his parents could not afford the bicycle that he wanted for his birthday so he asked his parents for money to buy a rifle instead.

He would also go onto use the guitar for his very first recordings with Sun Records that would open the floodgates to his fame.

But, his obsession with guns would continue through later life.

They even recall how he used to shoot at TV sets if they showed either Robert Goulet or Mel Torme.

Elvis was also reported to have even performed a few shows with a pistol in each boot after receiving an assassination threat.

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He did give an impromptu performance while on leave from the U. Army in Paris but it was not an official concert and he never performed outside of the United States again.

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